This is what the bad pyramidal guys want to do... pandemic releases to reduce the population.   Listen to the full video above "One World Scientific Dictatorship 2020"

Here...this is what the bad pyramidal guys want to do...
25:41 "National socialism will use its own revolution for establishing a new world order." Adolf Hitler
25:44 "i think you need a new world order that china has to be part of the process of creating it and they have to buy in, they have to own it as i said, the same way the United States owns Washington processes, the current order. demon george soros
26:04 Aaron Russo asking N. Rockfeller: ""And i said to him, "What are the ultimate goals here?"" "He said the ultimate goal is to get everybody in this world chipped with an FRID chip and have all money be on those chips, everything on those chips, and if anyone wants to protest what we do or violate what we want, we just turn off the chip.""
What the video says right after is exactly why we must FAST & PRAY and FIGHT BACK against the wicked deep state agenda.. we can't stop it..but we can't hit a pause button and Jesus could tarry... the beast is to get a deadly head wound.. we are in that fight right now... don't stop fighting back!!